Week 12

This past week I officially posted the new documentation onto cirdles.org. I pushed the documentation into the CIRDLES repository without any problems and the task was completed in three units where I pushed the changes for each software project individually. After meeting with my supervisor for this project, there are some revisions that need to … Continue reading Week 12


Week 11

I have nearly accomplished all of my goals from previous blog post by splitting the documentation in my Github repository into different markdown files. I have also tested these files by forking the Cirdles website and replacing the files for the Chroni, ET_Redux, and Topsoil project pages. Small revisions have been made for structural purposes … Continue reading Week 11

Week 10

So far, I have made Github pages copy of the CIRDLES website in order to test the documentation before merging the documentation to the website. Additionally, I have added terms to the topsoil glossary and refined the terms in the Chroni documentation. The readme document has also been updated, so that visitors to the Documentation … Continue reading Week 10

Week 9

Major progress has been made with the ET_Redux Documentation have been made and most major revisions have been completed. Additionally, documentation drafts for Chroni and Topsoil are nearly completed. I am drawing closer to actually publishing polished versions of the documentation on cirdles.org Over the course of this upcoming week I plan to: merge the … Continue reading Week 9

Weeks 4-8

Over the past few weeks, I have completed many different tasks related to my independent study both through commits on Github and on files local to my computer. This includes completing the draft of Documentation for ET_Redux under the standardizing methods I have found from Ian Sommerville and creating the beginnings of the templates for … Continue reading Weeks 4-8